The Teams

Ahmedabad Hearts

Mr. Yatin Gupta, a businessman, restaurateur, part globe trotter and passionate poker player, decided to be the owner of 'Ahmedabad Hearts' a poker team in the Match IPL after his successful logistics company, Network Transport Corporation Ltd. 'Poker is a mind sport, its a game of skill and guile' says the well heeled Yatin. 'Its a game where talent and experience will always triumph' Is it the challenge or the adrenaline rush? What does he like most about the game? 'The whole experience of playing with friends and sometimes strangers' he replied. 'And its fun', he adds with a extra large grin ' just so much fun'

Team Members:
  • Jay Shewakramani
  • Jks. Ryan Tham
  • Thaminator. Yating Gupta
  • YG. Kunal Kohli
  • Kohli. Arjun Singh Kochhar
  • AK. Prateek
  • PB. Ravi Jethani
  • Rj. Sajjad Meherally
  • SRM 'The Hustler'. Reena Gupta
  • Reenie
  • OWNER Yatin Gupta

Bangalore Royals

Mr. Gaurav Kapur is a poker enthusiast. His family founded yes bank, India's fourth largest private sector bank. Currently he is involved in the real estate sector where he is building luxury villas through his company called Woodlands Housing Pvt Ltd. He was also the owner of a couple of award winning Italian restaurants. Now the proud owner of Bangalore Royals.

Team Members:
  • Akash Pritom Saikia
  • Notorious Poker Himanshu Sanganeria
  • Himanshu. Aditya Kumar
  • Aditya. Shilpa K Bhagat
  • Pocket. Sumil Shah
  • Sum. Gaurav Kapur
  • Gaurav. Honey Bijlani
  • Honey. Pranav Bathija
  • Pranav. Aditya Pratap Singh
  • Muck_u. Jujhar Kochhar
  • Juj. Ashia Aziz
  • Ash

Delhi Aces

Founded and owned by young and enthusiastic poker loving entrepreneurs from the national capital - the Delhi Aces is a culmination of their enthusiasm for the game. Their collective goal is to live up to their team motto, "Fortune favours the bold"! Like their own personalities, they expect the Delhi Aces to play aggressive but smart poker where winning is the ultimate goal.

Mr. Abhishek Khaitan - an entrepreneur & business owner - Radico Khaitan Ltd. The savvy Mr. Khaitan is recognized as an innovator extraordinaire who has thrived in the Indian Liquor space where giants have fallen.

Mr. Rajnish Gupta - Mr. Gupta aka "The Zambian Lion" has built many businesses including a very successful bottling and distribution enterprise of Pepsi Co. Rajat Sikka of Saivana Exports is a top first generation Indian manufacturer, exporter of very high fashion women's clothing to some of the leading fashion houses of Paris and New York. The fashion ramps in both these cities are dominated by clothes made by Saivana.

Mr. Shantanu Dalmia - Mr. Dalmia is the scion of Casewell Drilling and alongside has been active in the sports start-up space. A sharp poker player himself, his self made company is an acclaimed brand in the international oil drilling business.

Team Members:
  • Avadh Shah
  • Rohit Behal
  • Kunal Chandra
  • Devesh Thapar
  • Raghav Singh
  • Simrit Tiwana
  • Niharika Bindra

Jaipur Jewels

Jaipur Jewels is owned by a consortium led by the 'Fire and Ice' duo of Agarwal brothers- Aditya aka Bitti and Praveen.

Mr. Aditya is a well known figure in the Indian poker circuit. He started playing professional poker at the age of 18 and ever since has been adding several tournament accolades to his name - notable being 1st in Asian Poker Tour (APT) 2011 ; 2nd in India Poker Championship (IPC) 2016. However his most valuable contribution to the Poker Industry is getting it legalised in West Bengal after a courtroom battle. He also runs the Kolkata chapter for Indian Poker Association (IPA), a society to make India a dominant force in the World Poker circuit.

Mr. Praveen has been a seasoned banker and has spent a decade in Bank of America (Corporate and Investment Banking division) in Mumbai. Recently he moved back to Kolkata to join the family business which ranges across textiles and edible oil industry.

Team Members:
  • Aditya Agarwal
  • Ankush Agarwala
  • Tanmay Bagga
  • Arjun Dhingra
  • Karan Jain
  • Rajnish Kumar
  • Rishab Jain
  • Mahima Walia Das

Kolkata Diamonds

Sunny Karira owns the Park Street Privilege Club and is a Poker enthusiast. Apart from his dexterity at bluffing or having a good hand most of the time, he has formal education in aviation from New Zealand and holds a commercial pilot license. He developed a keen interest in the game and was drawn to the relationship between lifestyle and poker here. He has travelled extensively for over 8 years in the quest to understand the nuances of the game. He believes that Poker is one of the refined forms of recreation and has brought Park Street Privilege Club to Kolkata.

Deepak Keswani, Director at United Roads Constn. Pvt. Ltd. and Wintage Infra Pvt. Ltd., is the secretary at the Park Street Poker Club. Over a couple of years he has realised that Poker enhances ones psychological, mathematical and emotional skills. Park Street Privilege Club satisfies these emotional and psychological needs says Deepak. He encourages players to think and use predictive analysis which when transliterated to real-life, makes you achieve more confident decisions. Deepak is also the proud co-owner of Kolkata Diamonds which will represent Kolkata against 7 other cities.

Sunny and Deepak are also the proud co-owners of Kolkata Diamonds which will represent Kolkata against 7 other cities.

Ankit Doogar, founder & CEO.

A Rank holder Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession and Professional Poker Player, with strong community connect globally. Ankit is a poker enthusiast and has travelled world for the love the of poker, With strong followers and over years of experience in successfully running Licensed www.starpoker.in as CEO in India. He is also Co-owner of Park Street Privilege Club(PPC), Kolkata’s Exclusive Poker Club and Lounge with high profile players.

Ankit is also a innovator and launching iWGC ( World Gaming Coin ) his own crypto currency. He is also Co-founder in Cryptbuzz.com, a leading crypto news channel.

Ankit Chopra

The proud Co owner of Kolkata Diamonds, Mr Ankit Chopra, is a management graduate from Jain College,Bangalore. He has been fervently involved in his family business called Nexus Logistics for many years. Under his dynamic leadership the logistics company has grown and is all set for the future quantum growth plan.

Besides this he is also the co-ownwer of pokerolympic.com, which is an online poker site. He has been passionately playing poker for the past 10 years. He has gained a lot of experience in the game by simply being an enthusiast of it and travelling around the world for various poker events. He hopes to give poker the same fame in India as around the world and help celebrate the game.

Team Members:
  • Anil Adiani
  • Aces. Shammi Karira
  • Sam. Aditya Goenka
  • Aditya. Akhil Jain
  • The Mav. Jayjit Ray
  • Ray. Mukul Agarwal
  • Mukul. Niwesh Sharma
  • Niwesh. Pranay Bachhawat
  • Pranay. Rohan Singh
  • Arjjun. Shuchi Chamaria
  • Chi.

Mumbai All Stars

Mr. Harman Baweja is an actor, producer, entrepreneur and poker enthusiast. His love for the sport has made him play tournaments from Goa to Vegas over the pas few years. Along with founding three successful startups, running a well established production company and acting he is now looking forward to MatchIPL to delve further into his passion for poker. "I'm certainly a poker fish but with shark teeth", is how he humorously describes his poker skills.

Team Members:
  • Nikunj Jhunjhunwala
  • quest_donk. Abhishek Jalan
  • Bajo. Sacheen Ramchandani
  • Chiefisback. Pratibha Arya
  • Shydoll. Ronak Gidwani
  • ReadBaby. Harman Baweja
  • PokerJoker. Anita Hassandani Reddy
  • PokerFace. Jagdeep Singh
  • NODUS TOLLENS. Siddharth Anand
  • Maverick. Keenan Tham
  • Kancha Cheena

Pune Kings

Mr. Manesh & Mr Moksh Sani are young entrepreneurs & owners of Living Liquidz liquor Retail and into import & distribution along with vineyards. They are actively involved in real estate, hospitality & construction across India and now co-owners of PUNE KINGS poker team.

Mr. Sunil & Mr. Jeetu Ajbani entrepreneurs of Deluxe Veneers, pioneers of the wood interior industry with hi-tech manufacturing facilities and pan India presence are ready to make a mark in MatchIPL with PUNE KINGS.

UP Indians

Janhavee Droliya - A businesswoman & proud mother, Janhavee has setup the international business for one of the top Pen and Stationery companies of India. She’s well-travelled and keeps keen interest in different cultures of the world. Her focus and commitment can be seen through her achievements in academics where she holds over 10 gold medals from the largest university in the country

Abhishek Jalan - Coming from the roots of Varanasi, Abhishek is a businessman by profession and a director in Jalan Synthetics. His enthusiasm is clearly visible with his expressive nature during the poker events conducted all over India. He runs a successful poker stable called AceJack where young and fresh poker talents are nurtured in the country. He also runs India's First live cash game staking stable with over 20 players.

Rohit Chokhani - Founder of White Unicorn ventures, an investment company across 20+ early & growth business'. He has a strong finance background with focus on risk mitigation, investment & management. He also does investment across industries of e-marketplaces, travel & auto, real estate, consumer internet, education, media, hospitality and F&B.

Anup Palod - An ex investment banker, Anup has spent a decade in Bank of America and JP Morgan in Mumbai while working on various profiles. His passion towards numbers landed him in poker and he quit his job in 2017 to become an entrepreneur. Anup is co founder of India's biggest poker staking/coaching portal IndianPokerPros

Rannvijay Singh is an Indian TV host, VJ & proud co-owner of UP Indians. A youth icon, Rannvijay is an avid Poker player & has actively taken part in Poker tournaments in the past. He believes in the skill based aspect of Poker as a sport and has the wit & sharpness to match it. He believes in the principle of Poker as a mind sport: "Ever since I had started playing poker, I fell in love with it. Contrary to popular belief, it is as mental a sport as any. When the opportunity of being a part of UP Indians came about, I knew it was too good to pass. We are extremely confident of winning the Match IPL and give the sport that mainstream coverage and spotlight it so richly deserves."

Team Members:
  • Abhishek Jalan (Captain)
  • Anita Hassnandani
  • Prashant Jain
  • Prateek Mishra
  • Neeraj Kumar
  • Ragesh Mishra
  • Abhishek Garg
  • Ashish Munot
  • Arsh Grover

Haryana Hawks

Haryana Hawks, true to its mascot, "Hawk", is a fierce team which always aspires to fly higher than ever before and achieve new heights. With its bird's eye view, the team looks at the bigger and broader picture of every situation and knows that the ups and downs are part of the game but in the end, "Hawk" will always fly above all. At the helm of the team are the sharpest minds with diverse and rich experience, leading the best poker professionals that would soon raise the team to a stature where it would symbolize success and victory.

Pulkit Totla is an ex-Investment banker and a second generation entrepreneur. He is an alumni of top business school of India, FMS, Delhi and a poker enthusiast. He has been managing funds and helping people multiply their money. With daunting management skills, Pulkit Totla is an assurance of success for any business he is involved in. His love for poker has made him a very well known personality in the Indian Poker Industry.

Navkiran Singh is the co-founder and CEO of one of the top online poker websites in India - PokerBaazi.com - also known as India’s Most Trusted Poker Website. A poker enthusiast turned entrepreneur, he outstands as an innovative businessman.

Nitin Maheshwari is a person of utmost determination and positivity and carries an Energetic and charismatic personality. He is the Founder- Director of GAJANAN GROUP which is a conglomerate of companies functioning in industries as diverse as steel, real estate and logistics.

Mr. Jitendra Agarwal is a Renowned Practicing Chartered Accountant and CEO of Rajasthan's best Investment Advisory company. His company is currently handling, Equity Mutual Funds AUM of more than 500 crores and managing funds of various HNIs.

Mr. Jagdeep Singh, alumni of reputed business school IIM, Lucknow, is one of the most successful professional poker players in India. He was part of the winning team of Match IPL in the last season.

Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthy - alumnus of IIT Delhi and a well-known professional poker player, has tasted success in both Indian and International poker tournaments including a WPT title.

Mr. Pranjal Batra is an honors graduate of IIT, Bombay. He is a big-time poker enthusiast who has been playing and winning in the Indian poker tournaments even before the poker industry in the country started to flourish.